After the success of our 2019 Big Entertainer Bundle, we decided we wanted to keep giving clients a great deal that delivered an assortment of entertainment solutions for one price, but we wanted to give clients the services they wanted, and as we know, no two events are the same. 

 So we introduce to you our 2020 Entertainer Bundles, 3 different bundles, each one giving a different amount of services, but all of them with the same goal. To give you, the client, the choice of all of you entertainment needs for one simple price. They all save you money when getting the services individually, and the bigger the bundle, the more you save. 

Take a look at each bundle to see what you get, there's an example of how you select your services in the Big Entertainer description, so if you're confused, take a look there! Alternatively, give us a call to discuss your needs and see how we can help you plan your event.

If you're stuck on what to pick, we've written our most popular services in Bold Italics to guide you.

If you want to see our extra services in more detail, CLICK HERE

Our most popular bundle to date is this, the Big Entertainer. This gives clients a selection of different services that they would like, not what we want to supply to you. This lets you get creative and pick services that are more unique to you and your event. You get all the services that you want and none of the services you don't, and you pay one fantastic price!

First, pick whether you would like a black or white DJ booth. Where possible, this will also determine the colour of the speakers.

Next you need to pick 2 services from Tier 1, so pick which ones you think will compliment your wedding. Fancy all three? Then you may want to scroll down to the next bundle...

Then pick 2 services from Tier 2. If you want us there early for speeches and background music then you'll want the All-day Wedding, if you fancy having us capture photos of your event to look back on, then pick Evening Photography. 

Once you've picked those you just need to pick 2 services from Tier 3. Our Personalised Backlit Display has been a huge hit with clients for its unique, eye-catching appearance, and our Confetti Shower works perfectly with our Dancing On The Clouds service. 

Once you've picked your booth colour then 2 services from each tier, get in touch with us to book your bundle and fill your event with services that will blow your guests away.

If you'd like to add more services on top of this, it may be worth looking at our Ultimate Entertainer bundle, which gives even more entertainment value, see below...

The Ultimate Entertainer Bundle is a step up from the Big Entertainer and provides 3 choices from each tier instead of 2, giving a bigger dose of entertainment for your event and even bigger savings!

The same process applies, pick your preferred booth colour, then proceed to pick 3 services from tier 1, then 3 services from tier 2, and 3 services from tier 3. Once you have chosen your services, let us know and we'll get you booked in for a party that will leave guests speechless.

If you've already booked a disco elsewhere, or you're just not interested in booking a disco with us, that's okay. You don't have to miss out on our extras just because you're not booking a disco with us. That's the reason we made the Essential Entertainer. Pick your services from each tier (as instructed above) and get in touch to let us know what you'd like, you still get an amazing deal with us for all of your entertainment extras, and they're all in one place! 

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