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Extra Services

Our extras have been fine-tuned to give you additions that matter to your event. The services listed below have been tried, tested and tweaked to ensure that they stand out at events. Each service is supplied and operated by us, so you have peace of mind knowing that we understand what we are selling to you. We've put a short description for each service, plus a picture to visualise it. Should you need any extra information on any service, get in touch with us. We're always happy to help, whether you've booked something with us or if you're just looking for some information on our extras. Alternatively, should you wish to book any of our services, drop us a message!

Our services are listed in tiers (1/2/3) to help you choose services when booking our Entertainer Bundles!

Tier 1 Services

Low Fog
('Dancing On The Clouds' effect)


Our Dancing on the Clouds effect is a spectacularly unique addition to any event. The effect is most popular with weddings, concerts, halloween parties and productions, but can be creatively used at any event. The result effect is simple, a thick white fog quickly thrown out into the desired area which hugs the floor and lingers before dissipating into the air. The effect is notoriously nicknamed as such because it gives spectators the impression that you're floating on a cloud. The effect is guaranteed to stun guests and look incredible in photographs.

Book now for £200, or £160 with any Disco Package

Selfie Station


Our Selfie Station is available for hire for 2 hours+ and serves as a fantastic entertainment option for you and your guests, regardless of your function. The Selfie Station is white and dressed in flowers, with more style and colour options coming soon! Guests are invited to take individual couple or group photos with the option to send those photos straight to their devices or their friends.* 


After the event, we take all of the photos from the night and send them to you via Dropbox or a USB stick (whatever is easier for you), as well as posting them to a special folder on our social media for guests to view, share and download.

Book now for £200, or £160 with any Disco Package

Add a fun, well-presented Prop Table for £40

Add extra hours for £50/hour

FW trans.png

Flower Wall


Available in All White or Pink and White
Our beautiful, stunning 3M x 2M Flower Wall can be hired for the duration of your event to act as a lovely backdrop for a top table, our Selfie Station or for a photoshoot. It's also great to place at the entrance to a venue to set an elegant and pretty first impression.

The wall has been hand stitched with faux flowers with subtle greenery background to give a natural, 3D presence. This makes this wall unique in its market and looks equally as good in person as it does in pictures


Hire now for £200, or £160 with any Disco Package


Pairs perfectly with our Selfie Station, Flower Podium & Up-Lighting packages.

All-Day Event


Our All-Day Event service is a simple add-on that can allow us to setup early and provide background music.

This service is perfect for those couples that are having a wedding breakfast, speeches and disco in the same room.

Setting up early allows us to be in place and ready to go before you arrive, skipping noisy setups throughout your meal and speeches, and avoiding our need for a room turnaround. This service also grants you free background music throughout your meal and, as with our Wedding disco as standard, you also have the option of using our Wireless microphone for your speeches. 

Book now for £200, or £160 with any Disco Package

Tier 2 Services

Wireless Up-Lighting
(12 Units)


Our class-leading uplighting units can be hired to fill your venue with colour. Our up-lighting is completely wireless and weatherproof, so can be used in marquees or outdoors for the ultimate creative freedom. With a battery life of over 14 hours, there's no worry of the lights stopping before the party does.

With these units, you can pick your own colour scheme to match your venue colours or your preference. The unit is capable of producing pure white, as well as an array of vivid colours with RGBW colour mixing.

Book for £120, or £100 with any Disco Package.

Glitter Wall


Our Glitter Wall is a sparkly, brilliant addition to any event, acting as an eye-catching 3-meter wide backdrop for photos and selfies. It pairs perfectly with our selfie station and you even get to choose from our range of colours!


The Glitter wall is budget friendly and we can set it up in minutes! If you're looking for a simple, yet impactful party add-on, this is it! 

Available for £120, or £100 with any Disco Package

JMC Logo square favicon_edited.jpg

Wireless Light Bars
(Coming soon)


Adding our Wireless Light Bars to your event will lift the ambience of your event and ensure that your colour scheme is reinforced throughout the venue. 

Battery powered lighting bar units can be placed horizontally or vertically, practically anywhere in the room, in some cases even on the ceiling! They can be a source of either direct or indirect lighting and can make for some incredible creative masterpieces for photo shoots and special moments.

It's hard to put into words how versatile this service can be, but we'd be happy to discuss some creative solutions this service can provide for you! 

Available in 2023 for £120, or £100 with any Disco Package

Tier 3 Services
Personalised Backlit Display Extras pic.jpg

Custom Backlit Display


This service is an incredibly unique way to show off special pictures or a message to your guests. The acrylic display board is personalised to your specific requirements with a combination of pictures, text or patterns, which is then designed and printed by us.


On your event day, the display is mounted to the front of our DJ booth and lit from behind. This attracts attention to the display in both light and dim rooms and allows guests to easily view your pictures/message up-close or from a distance. At the end of the event, the board is yours to keep and use as you wish!

£50 with any Disco Package.

*Not available separately 

Confetti Shower


Our Confetti Shower service gives you and your guests a breathtaking surprise at a moment of your choice. We include two shots of white confetti as standard, with the option of different colours available. Our confetti is biodegradable and we clean it up after the event, so venues are more willing to allow us to provide the service over other suppliers


As the client, you can choose when we fire the confetti, and you can decide to have both shots fired simultaneously for greater effect, or fired at two different times in the event for greater value. Confetti will perfectly compliment a first dance, special entrance, gender reveal, or unveiling of a surprise.

Book now for £60, or £50 with any Disco Package. 

Personalise your confetti colour for an extra £20

Add extra shots for £20 per shot

Prop Station Close.jpg

Prop Station


Our Prop Station is a unique, fun and quirky addition to an event, enabling tons of wacky combinations to personalise your look when having photos taken at our Selfie Station. 

This service was designed to stand out in all the right ways with a built in mirror and light to check your look is perfect before taking to the photobooth. This service can be hired on it's own if you already have a photobooth or don't want one, but it pairs perfectly with our Selfie Station, and if you decide to extend the runtime of the Selfie Station, we extand the Prop Station runtime for free!

Book soon for £60, or £50 with any Disco Package.

Gobo Projection


With our Gobo projection service you can light up a bland surface with a special message for guests to see when at your event. A gobo is a plate that sits in a special light fixture, the plate is laser cut to form a shape, symbol or lettering when light is projected through it, this shape could be a birthday wish, a gender symbol, or anything else you can think of. 


Our occasion-specific option enables you to save some money but still get a wonderful effect of a gobo projection with a whole host of stocked gobos to choose from, simply pick the design you like best, then let us know where you would like it to be directed to in the venue and we'll do the rest.

Occasion-Specific: £60, or £50 with any Disco Package.

IMG_4766 2_edited_edited.jpg

We're constantly striving to introduce new services to elevate your event, and sometimes we have a fresh new service that we haven't displayed here yet. If you have a specific service you would like that isn't listed here, or you're just looking for extra inspiration, it's always worth getting in touch!

We also have external suppliers for services such as Dance Floors, LOVE Letters, Magicians and more, so if you would like to add some of these services to your event, let us know your requirements and let us do the hard work for you.

*dependant on venue signal limitations.

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