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Party Disco Package

Our Party Disco Package has been tweaked, tidied and improved using our experience over the years to deliver a punchy, vibrant disco experience while keeping the footprint small. This allows us to bring you a disco environment that can squeeze into the smallest gaps yet fill the larger venues​. The small, impressive nature of the system allows us to cater for a vast array of different party events and keeps the venues happy with a super quick set-up/pack-down time. It's able to fit into smaller venues and pubs, yet able to compete alongside larger disco setups, all while keeping the cost at a reasonable level for you!

What this Service gets you:

 - DJ Booth with all music included

 - Full Multi-style Lighting System

 - Full 2000W Line-Array Sound system

 - Black setup, with option to change to white setup

 - 5-Hour Disco runtime with option to add hours

DJ Booth:

The compact, subtle design of our booth is just big enough to fit our necessary equipment while not wasting any space. This means, if needed, we can make the footprint of our entire setup as thin as 1.5metres! The lighting is incorporated onto the rig and secured safely above head height for maximum coverage. The sound system is separate and can be spread further from the booth in bigger venues where a wider sound stage is needed. 



This setup comes loaded with a full lighting show to flood the dancefloor with vivid colours and create a real buzz. The lighting is compact and unique, giving a fresh look over your average disco company and offering 4 different lighting styles (Wash/Beam/Spot/Effect). Not only is it there for looks though. Our lighting rig is designed to achieve excellent venue coverage so light can be thrown not just on the dancefloor but also in the surrounding areas. With our clever lighting system, we can remove strobing for those with epileptic guests and we use a comprehensive wireless control system to create minimal clutter on and around the rig.


The speakers are designed to throw sound as far as possible and give an even sound distribution so that, no matter where you are stood in the room, the sound isn't overwhelming or disappointing. This becomes increasingly apparent when the venue fills up. More traditional systems will start to muffle towards the back of the room when our system will carry that precise sound further.

Price from: £300

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