Elegance Wedding

Our Elegance setup takes us one step further beyond delivering an incredible wedding party atmosphere. We've also made it to fit in and become inconspicuous. This package is for those clients that want a disco that will deliver beyond expectation, yet will blend in for moments that matter, like in photos of the first dance, or the couples entrance. We take pride in the premium simplicity of our setups, but we know that some clients just want that little bit more... So here it is!


The sound is pushed from a premium, sleek and all-white 2000W line array system, pushing the music and speech evenly to the back of the venue. Our systems are thin and discreet, and we've designed our setups to push these into the corners of the room, or directly either side of the DJ Booth, whichever is most suitable (least visible). It features a grand total of 16 HF drivers and 2 powerful Subwoofers for the bass, so music is delivered to the dance floor and comfortably beyond. One cable is run to each speaker, so there's no mess of wires laying around to achieve this, just one neatly placed (white) cable. Chances are you would struggle to notice it's there. 

The lighting consists of mainly even, thick washes with a blend of different colours. Our premium fixtures allow us to create impressive colours and scenes that average discos simply can't achieve. The up-lit walls and podiums take the focus away from the lighting units and create a 3D wall of colour, the moving spotlights deliver clear colours and shapes that cut through the washes to give a nice contrast and add variation to the scene. In total this gives you 10 lighting fixtures, and with 6 of them being wireless, again, there's barely any visible cabling.

You also get a premium wireless microphone as standard for any speeches or announcements throughout you event. We also include a pre-wedding meet to establish your wedding details, timings, colours and music preference.

This setup includes:

 - Our White aluminium booth with play-out system - includes all music, wireless microphone for speeches and announcements, and other technical equipment.

 - 2 x 1000W Line Array Systems (or similar)  - Full range speakers and subwoofers for excellent and even sound reproduction and bass response throughout the space, all the way to the back of the venue. The speakers are placed in the corners of the venue, or directly next to the DJ booth (whichever is suitable).

 - 2 x Moving washes with 3-in1 effect with 2 x Moving spot lights, and 6 x Up-lighting units - Versatile and powerful lighting for intense, even washes, vivid colours and sharp looking effects.

 - At least One Member JMC Events UK supplying the DJ service between the times agreed.

 - All necessary hardware and cabling to supply the service, with a discreet, subtle design.

Price: £450 for up to 5 Hours of operation time.

Extra time*: £10 per extra 30-min operation time (first 5 minutes free, 5-30 minutes will be charged at full rate).

*Extra time is doubled if added within 24 hours of the event start time.


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