What services do you offer?

We offer all kinds of services that fall into the category of event entertainment services. We offer Disco packages that include lighting, sound and DJ set. We also include extra services that you can add on to events. A full list is supplied here, but you can expect services such as our Selfie Station (photo booth), Flower wall and Glitter Art, with effects such as Confetti, Dry Ice Low Fog and Up-lighting.

How do i book?

You can book with us firstly by contacting us with your requirements, once a date and services have been decided and confirmed available we'll send you a formal Booking Form. Once you have signed and returned the Booking Form, along with the Booking Fee to us, when we receive those we will confirm your event as booked.

How do i pay for my event?

We accept cash, card and BACS for payments. You can pay how you like and when you like. You must pay the full booking fee (along with returning the signed booking form) in order to confirm the booking. You then have up until the event start time on the event date to pay the outstanding balance.

Please note we do not accept cheques.

What is your Booking Fee

Our booking fee is the fee required to confirm a booking with us. This fee is used to provide consumables and custom materials/equipment for that particular booking, this includes music, consumable resources for services and effects (tape, confetti, Dry Ice, Paint etc) and fuel/delivery for acquiring those things. It's also used to cover the admin cost of managing services, time spent preparing/transporting services. As a result of this the Booking Fee is not refundable and is considered a fee for the above, not a deposit. The booking fee protects JMC Events UK against loss of income should you cancel. Our industry works in a way where if a booking is cancelled, we have to re-acquire a booking for that date and, if we can't, we end up losing that money. It's like your boss telling you he doesn't need you in for the next week and not paying you for it. The booking fee is the safety net that ensures our costs are still covered for the event.