Memories Wedding

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The Memories wedding package is our vision of a truly unique, immersive disco experience for our clients. We understand that, though crucial, DJ booths aren't exactly the nicest looking features of a wedding. The booth and the DJ themselves don't look great in photos of, say, your first dance. So what we've done here is found a way of keeping all of the necessary elements of the disco (like the lighting, speakers etc.) at the dance floor. However the DJ and booth, the control hub for all of these systems, is placed elsewhere in the room. This allows that same great atmosphere of our Classic or Elegance disco, but it takes the booth and places it out of the way of dancers and pictures. Guests can still come to the DJ booth to make their requests and the disco proceeds as normal, but guests can dance in their own space with our beautiful flower wall as a backdrop for pictures and special moments, and pictures can finally be Awkward-DJ-Free!

This setup includes two white Line Array systems that provide an excellent, even sound throughout the venue. The speakers are placed either side of our flower and give a central, immersive sound experience regardless of where the DJ booth is Placed. A monitor speaker is placed with the DJ to avoid delay issues between the main system and the dj booth.

The lighting for this setup is inspired by our Classic setup, except we've mounted the lights higher up to keep them out of immediate view of guests and the photographer's lens. We've also thrown in led lighting bars around the flower wall to add a really great aesthetic for pictures and special dances. It really is an immersive incredible looking setup. You get a total of 12 lighting units with this setup.

The Flower Wall is included for free with this setup. You also get a premium wireless microphone as standard for any speeches or announcements throughout you event. We also include a pre-wedding meet to establish your wedding details, timings, colours and music preference.

This setup includes:

 - Our Black or White aluminium booth with play-out system - includes all music, a premium wireless microphone for speeches and announcements, and other technical equipment.

 - 2 x 1000W All-white line array systems - Full range speakers and subwoofers for excellent sound reproduction and bass response throughout the space.

 - 2 x Moving washes with 3-in1 effect with 2 x Moving spot lights, an LED Mirrorball, and 7 x LED battens - Versatile and powerful lighting for immersive atmosphere and bright, vivid colours.

 - Our beautiful 3M x 2M Flower Wall to serve as the backdrop on the dance floor.

 - At least One Member JMC Events UK supplying the DJ service between the times agreed.

 - All necessary hardware and cabling to supply the service.

Price: £600 for up to 5 Hours of operation time.

Extra time*: £10 per extra 30-min operation time (first 5 minutes free, 5-30 minutes will be charged at full rate).

*Extra time is doubled if added within 24 hours of the event start time.


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