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Our Mission

Our Mission

Since 2012, we've been hard at work to make sure that every event we touch is something truly special. We have dedicated artists and operatives that have extensive knowledge and experience in the industry and will bring that to your event. We are a transparent and ever-expanding business that focuses on the guests, the brides, the relatives, the friends and every other person that attends the events we work.  When it comes to our services, everything listed is designed, planned and executed by our staff. So whenever you have a question, we give you a clear, definitive answer. There's no contacting our suppliers to give you a response that we can't back up. All of our services have been well thought out to meet our strict quality standards.  ​ We've tried to keep our website as concise and simple as possible to give you the best experience, and let you make an informed choice on what you want or don't want. If the information on this site isn't enough and you'd like to ask us some questions about the way we work, who we are or what specific services include, then contact us and we'll get you the help you need. If you'd like to see more images and videos of our services in real event environments, head over to our Facebook page where we're constantly sharing memories of fantastic parties and weddings that we work at. We're constantly adding and improving services too, so be sure to check back regularly. Something you may not see on here now, may be added next month, so it's always worth a look!

Our mission is simple, give you the best party experience possible.

We hope you enjoy your visit, and we look forward to being part of your special day.

All the best from the team here at JMC Events UK!

Disco Packages
Extas & Bundles
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Wedding Disco Packages 

Our Wedding packages are designed specifically to deliver outstanding performance value from a small flexible footprint

As standard, all of our Wedding packages include:

 - DJ with 5-Hour play time

 - Premium Aluminium DJ Booth

 - All-white appearance from audio and lighting units

 - 2000W line-array sound system

 - Multi-effect Lighting rig controlled to match special moments

 - Premium Wireless Microphone for Speeches/Announcements

 - Pre-Wedding meet to discuss details

Our goal with the Wedding Disco Packages is to deliver a truly unique-to-you entertainment solution that you can trust. 

Party Disco Package 

Our Party Disco services delivers a compact, yet punchy disco experience to fill any venue, but still be flexible enough to squeeze into those smaller pubs and social club stages.

As standard, our Party disco includes:

 - DJ with 5-Hour play time

 - Standard Aluminium booth, wrapped in either black or white.

 - White or black sound system, depending on application.

 - Multi-effect Lighting rig


Our goal with our party disco service is to focus on giving you and your guests a simply epic party experience.

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Like our Disco packages, all of the services listed in our extra services are owned, supplied and operated by a member of staff at JMC Events UK. We have a comprehensive list of special and unique services that have been designed by us to help elevate your evening entertainment.

We offer an array of exciting party additions including: Low Fog, Confetti, Selfie Station (Photo Pod), Flower Wall or Glitter Wall backdrops, Mood lighting, and more!

We will of course endeavour to help source/provide any services not listed here too should you require it.

Extra Services

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If you're looking at ordering a few extras as well as a disco (or without!) we can offer unmatched deals on bundle offers that give YOU control over the services you get for one great price. 

The benefits of a bundle through us is that all of the services you book go through one point of contact.

You'll also benefit from a huge discount compared to booking separate services with different suppliers. We stock everything we offer without sub-contracting, so there's no overheads for us to deal with. We can also safely book in your services knowing that the prices won't change because the supplier added extra fees etc. The price you see will be the price you pay!

Why not take a look at our most popular bundle with clients so far, the Big Entertainer bundle.


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