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George & Matthew


We hired JMC events for our wedding at Marleybrook House on Saturday, 3rd August 2019 and we cannot thank Jack and Kellii enough for helping to make our wedding day celebrations extremely special.

Their professionalism was unrivalled and their levels of personalisation and caring thought that they put into supporting our event was phenomenal.

It’s safe to say that everyone enjoyed our wedding party thanks to JMC Events. We will definitely be using their services again in the future.

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Kimberley & Mark 



I cannot fault the services they provided. They made me not worry on my wedding day, and the extras they put into the service is amazing, they do not charge enough! We used them for the big entertainer bundle, and I am so pleased we did. The set up was beautiful with flower wall, selfie booth, dj, lighting, confetti cannons, face painter, and they photographed it all as well meaning I had nothing to worry about. I was able to send them images for the front of the DJ booth and it is now hanging in my entrance hall and I am always complimented by it. I recently received my images on a USB stick, and they added extras in and went above and beyond. I would not hesitate to book them again. They asked important questions surrounding the music, and nothing was too much for them. They are a pleasure to work with.


Abbie & Chris



Cannot thank JMC events enough! The addition of these photos was such a lovely surprise. The DJ had our guests on the dancefloor all night and they were both so lovely and really slotted into our evening perfectly. They made such an effort with our guests. Honestly couldn’t recommend them enough.

Comment From Abi Roberts

Thank you for a great evening, you did an amazing job and played all our requests. Everyone loved the music and the addition of the photos is a great touch. X

Our Mission

Since 2012, we've been hard at work to make sure that every event we touch is something truly special. We have dedicated artists and operatives that have extensive knowledge and experience in the industry and will bring that to your event. We are a transparent and ever-expanding business that focuses on the guests, the brides, the relatives, the friends and every other person that attends the events we work. 

When it comes to our services, everything listed is designed, planned and executed by our staff. So whenever you have a question, we give you a clear, definitive answer. There's no contacting our suppliers to give you a response that we can't back up. All of our services have been well thought out to meet our strict quality standards. 

We've tried to keep our website as concise and simple as possible to give you the best experience, and let you make an informed choice on what you want or don't want. If the information on this site isn't enough and you'd like to ask us some questions about the way we work, who we are or what specific services include, then contact us and we'll get you the help you need. If you'd like to see more images and videos of our services in real event environments, head over to our Facebook page where we're constantly sharing memories of fantastic parties and weddings that we work at. We're constantly adding and improving services too, so be sure to check back regularly. Something you may not see on here now, may be added next month, so it's always worth a look!

Our mission is simple, give you the best party experience possible.

We hope you enjoy your visit, and we look forward to being a part of your special day!

All the best from the team here at JMC Events UK



Our Wedding packages are built from the same values as our Party Disco, with an outstanding performance value from a small flexible footprint. We know that every venue is different, and we adapt to this, giving you more room for other services that you love. With our Wedding Disco packages, you have a few options depending on your preference or budget, from an all-round simply beautiful classic style setup, to an incredible no-compromise solution that will leave you and your guests speechless.

As standard, all of our Wedding packages include:

 - 5-Hour+ runtime

 - Premium Aluminum DJ Booth

 - White 2000W Line-Array Sound system

 - Multi-effect Lighting rig controlled to match special moments

 - Premium Wireless Microphone for Speeches/Announcements

 - Pre-Wedding meet to discuss details

Our goal with the Wedding Disco Packages is to deliver a truly unique-to-you entertainment solution that you can trust. 


Our Party Package is our effort of putting our past experience over the past years of discos into designing a disco setup that performs outstandingly in any venue, yet still flexible and compact enough to fit into the tight spaces of smaller venues. This package allows you to get an amazing party experience regardless of the shape or size of your venue.

The Party Disco package includes:

 - 5-Hour runtime

 - DJ booth

 - Full 2000W Line-Array Sound System

 - Full multi-effect lighting rig, featuring wash/beam/spot/FX

Like with our discos, we aim to keep our music selection as versatile as possible. When booking with us, we like to gauge the music you and your guests want to hear and play songs to match the pace of your evening, we accept requests from you and your guests, both in advance and on the night.

Wedding Disco Packages 

Backlit Display

Like our Disco packages, all of the services listed in our extra services are owned, supplied and operated by a member of staff at JMC Events UK. We have a comprehensive list of special and unique services that have been designed by us to help elevate your evening entertainment. 

Because these extras are run exclusively direct from us, this means great things for you too!

1. We have the knowledge to answer any questions about the services instantly and confidently. We won't have to keep you waiting while we ask a supplier for pricing or availability. 

2. There's no markup on services hired in, because we already own them.

3. We keep a much tighter plan knowing that all of our services will be in our control and we're not relying on suppliers to turn up on time. When you book a service with us, we provide that service. 


We will of course endeavor to help source/provide any services not listed here too should you require it.

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If you're looking at ordering a few extras as well as a disco (or without!) we can offer unmatched deals on bundle offers that give YOU control over the services you get for one great price. 

The benefits of a bundle through us is that all of the services you book go through one point of contact. If you need to change the timings of your first dance for the confetti and disco, or if you're looking to alter your colour scheme, if booked through us, all it needs is one phone call and you can rest easy knowing that your evening entertainment is up to date. 

You'll also benefit from a huge discount compared to booking separate services with different suppliers. We stock everything we offer without sub-contracting, so there's no overheads for us to deal with. We can also safely book in your services knowing that the prices won't change because the supplier added extra fees etc. The price you see will be the price you pay!

We have active deals, including our insanely popular 'BIG Entertainer' Bundle, and we're always looking to add new deals/bundles to suit your needs. For all that and more, click the button below!

Extra Services

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We add video demonstrations and event highlights to our YouTube channel, found here... 

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